I am Donghee, web front-end developer. 👋
This website is my blog where I share my thoughts and life.

Why this site exists

I am, so to speak, a self-taught software engineer. Having said that, I'm hesitant to describe myself as self-taught. The community around the art of building software is so supportive that I have always been able to learn from something or someone.

it seems to me that every member of this community is not only a learner but also a teacher at the same time. A developer, given a community input, produces an output to be a help. Appreciating the culture of sharing expertise and knowledge rather than hoarding, I started this website as a way of contributing back to the community.

I open up my thoughts, my findings, or just what I'm doing, by simply publishing them here, on the internet.

About me

I majored in public administration at Korea University. I had been a leather crafter for some time, during which I started to learn how to code to setup my own retail shop. Since then, writing code has become my major means of craftsmanship.

I have lived in Seoul, Korea since university. I'm currently residing in Songpa District with my lovely wife Summer.

When I'm away from the computer, I like to spend time with my wife or read a book in a quiet place. I love coffee and seldom drink liquor.

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